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In the Hospitality and Tourism industry, along a company’s way to success, the most popular recipe involves use of technology, personnel training, specialization intensity, clear organisation and thorough efficiency checks. In general, such decisions do lead to results. However, there is a human resource management concept that seems invisible and is not prioritized among the various choices; a concept that may be discussed in company corridors but hardly attracts any attention. We are talking about the commitment or dedication of each employee to the company: the people engagement or employee engagement strategy. According to Gallup, the well-known international analysis and survey company, employee engagement on a worldwide level reached just 20% in 2020, two percentage points less than in 2019. We say that this has to change. Let’s see why.

6 benefits of engagement at work

  • Engagement at work is not only satisfaction

If you offer your employees high salaries, they will be satisfied, won’t they? But if another employer offers the same or a slightly higher salary, the employees will leave. Engagement is more important than financial incentives.

  • Engagement at work is interlinked with efficiency

When employees feel that they participate in something that interests them, when they share the owner’s vision, when they “feel” for the company, then they definitely offer more than is required of them. Individual performance, as well as the team’s and the company’s performance, becomes a personal issue.

  • Engagement at work means eagerness for new knowledge/training

I am interested in what I am doing (I am not just satisfied) and I want to know more! Eagerness for training is progress. Progress for the employee and for the business.

  • Engagement at work means sharing positive emotions

With my colleague, my supervisor, my employer. I feel I’m a part of this, I am happy with the successes and keep performing better, my employer benefits from success, rewards me. And this cycle of positive emotions and outcomes never ends.

  • Engagement at work provides us with partners that are ready for “something more

When engaged on a personal level, you feel anxious in times of crisis, you fight as you would for your own company. The company has valuable partners just when it needs them.

  • Engagement at work creates leaders who are not lonely

Imagine that you are forming a football team. Players do not know each other and your role in the beginning is to allow them to get acquainted, get used to each other’s peculiarities, learn their roles. But soon this will not be enough. A good coach should inspire the team’s players to fight passionately for victory or learn to cope with failure. Above all, to be passionate about “the team”. Consider this: No-one has ever felt lonely in such a team.

What is personnel commitment or engagement then? It is the emotional involvement of employees in the company’s activities; for us HR professionals, it is boosting efficiency though people’s dedication to their work environment.

If you are interested to learn how people can have a better time when engaged…

Copywriting: Yioula Sigourou

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