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HR 360°

By entrusting Stepwise with the handling of your company’s HR strategy, you are no longer an “employer of need” but an “employer of choice”!

Recruit…Stepwise! Any company in the Hospitality and Tourism sector can now easily have its own HR department with the privileges of an outsourcing solution. Dedicated HR professionals with exclusive expertise undertake to fully support your company with regard to staffing, as well as provide consulting, training or coaching of your new and existing staff.

How? It’s simple: Stepwise puts its know-how and resources at your disposal, in order to offer to a Hospitality, Tourism or Catering company the HR services it needs, with dedication to its vision and on a permanent basis, as if it were an internal company department.

Some more privileges:
– significant resource savings
– vertically integrated HR services
– synergy to strengthen the brand
– a corporate culture created by experts.

Recruitment: full candidate search and assessment services, employee placement, for the entire period of operation of the company.

Consulting: development and implementation of an integrated strategic workforce plan.

Support: development of HR policies, creation and implementation of procedures, induction and soft skills training of newly hired staff, labor relations and communication strategy with human resources.

Minimum contract duration: 1 year

*The HR 360° service is provided to a limited number of companies. Priority will be maintained based on the date of written confirmation of our offer.

Add services provided in combination with HR 360° support and increase the value of your company even more:

*By selecting one or both of the additional services, you enjoy a 30% discount on the list price of one service.

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