A new DEI…for Tourism and Hospitality

DEI (not only) for beginners What is DEI? The acronym derives from the initials of the words Diversity-Equity-Inclusion. _ What does this mean in practice? It refers to a philosophy, decision and standard business practice where a company’s human resources comprise employees with diverse personal characteristics, who are active in an environment of equal opportunities […]

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Stay weird, IT’S OK!

“Weirdness” is in our blood. This is why we apply something different: ideas that balance between employee satisfaction and development, on one hand, and the company’s growth on the other. And it’s working perfectly. In Stepwise we say: NO To discrimination and inequalities at work To stalled careers To downgrading talent To the lack of training […]

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You can have a better time when… engaged!

Employee Engagement and other success stories… In the Hospitality and Tourism industry, along a company’s way to success, the most popular recipe involves use of technology, personnel training, specialization intensity, clear organisation and thorough efficiency checks. In general, such decisions do lead to results. However, there is a human resource management concept that seems invisible […]

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Recruit… Stepwise!

Which partnership contract will bring the greatest benefits to your company? -Recruit… Stepwise! By “recruiting” Stepwise, you have the right partner for any service related to your human resources and your company’s growth. Our team, constituting of experts in various fields, offers: Specialised recruitment services Strategic Workforce planning consulting and creation Methodical and effective conducting of interviews Monitoring […]

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