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The Epitome of Hospitality

June 20, 2024

At Stepwise – Hospitality HR, we believe that unforgettable hospitality starts with exceptional staff training. We provide your team with the skills and...

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Front Office Agents – the Guardian Angels of a Hotel

April 27, 2024

Hey there, weary traveler! Ever wonder who’s behind the scenes making your hotel stay feel like a slice of paradise? Well, meet the...

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Silver Medal for Stepwise HR at the Greek Hospitality Awards 2023

October 25, 2023

By Anthi Boskou “Stepwise HR is honored for its innovation and contribution to Hospitality and Tourism”. This phrase may sound like a dream...

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A new DEI…for Tourism and Hospitality

February 1, 2022

DEI (not only) for beginners What is DEI? The acronym derives from the initials of the words Diversity-Equity-Inclusion. _ What does this mean...

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PRESS RELEASE | Stepwise signs the Diversity Charter

January 11, 2022

Stepwise is starting the new year by acting on one of its most important principles, driven by its founder’s attitude towards life, as...

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Stay weird, IT’S OK!

December 3, 2021

“Weirdness” is in our blood. This is why we apply something different: ideas that balance between employee satisfaction and development, on one hand,...

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You can have a better time when… engaged!

October 19, 2021

Employee Engagement and other success stories… In the Hospitality and Tourism industry, along a company’s way to success, the most popular recipe involves...

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Recruit… Stepwise!

September 25, 2021

Which partnership contract will bring the greatest benefits to your company? -Recruit… Stepwise! By “recruiting” Stepwise, you have the right partner for any service...

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CV creation: hints & tips

August 30, 2021

Autumn is here… A season of new beginnings. After a summer of work, holidays, or both, now is the perfect time to start...

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