Autumn is here… A season of new beginnings. After a summer of work, holidays, or both, now is the perfect time to start planning for the season ahead. And your first step can be to create a new CV or refresh your current one!

Start by thinking what you want to project, what you want the readers to know about you the minute they set eyes on your CV. Then use this couple of pages to your advantage.

Use a photo that is professional but also represents your character and attitude. Make a positive impression at first sight!

Include a paragraph with a few words about yourself. State your aims, what you want to achieve, what you can offer, what you think is your competitive advantage that will make people want to hire you.

State your qualifications, skills, work experience in a clear manner, maybe tailored to the specific job you are applying to, highlighting specific parts that you would like your future employers to note. If applicable, and depending on the nature of your target job, you can  include any projects you have successfully carried out or any achievements you are particularly proud of. And of course, use a suitable design and layout so that all of this information is easily accessible in a pleasant and effective format.

Your CV is usually the first impression your prospective employer will have of you. Use it to your advantage.

If you need any advice, we are always here to help you create an unbeatable CV. Just contact us and take the first step towards your future!

Copywriting: Yioula Sigourou

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