DEI (not only) for beginners

What is DEI? The acronym derives from the initials of the words Diversity-Equity-Inclusion. _

What does this mean in practice?

It refers to a philosophy, decision and standard business practice where a company’s human resources comprise employees with diverse personal characteristics, who are active in an environment of equal opportunities and full acceptance.

Which are the personal, social or human characteristics that a “DEI” business practice embraces?

Here is a short “reverse” answer: for someone to become our employee or partner, there are no criteria related to gender, skin color, age, religion, culture, country of origin or mother tongue, fitness (provided that the relevant position does not require physical effort), sexual orientation, or even place of residence, given the growth of remote working these days.

What does this mean?

It means that if, for the purposes of this article, we set aside the social dimension of the issue and focus only on business, we reach a single conclusion. As a company, by having a different perspective on Diversity and by choosing Inclusion, we have a huge range of choices as regards human resources. We gain a great advantage when it comes to finding the right person, with HR decisions that are fair, objective and also rewarding for the company.


Therefore the advantages of such a philosophy or practice are immeasurable. We will summarily list the main ones, so that you can better understand.

Companies with a clear DEI policy:

1-Tend to have more inventiveness, creativity and innovation

2-Are more adaptable to new circumstances

3-Are more successful in immediate problem solving

4-Are better branded as employers, attracting top talent

5-Achieve a higher level of employee loyalty

6-Therefore, the percentage of personnel turnover is lower

7-“Win” by better serving a varied customer base

8-Build a strong reputation

9-Enjoy better financial results and increase their profit!

Back to us now… Can you imagine a sector better suited to implement a DEI policy than Tourism and Hospitality? Just think of the numerous different levels of work, the great need for large numbers of employees, the multitude of required skills, the Diversity of the customer base, the importance of employee loyalty, the need for strategic decisions.

At Stepwise, we believe that the new era of Tourism and Hospitality is already here. A brand new, DEI, era…

Copywriting: Yioula Sigourou

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